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Krista Holle (Krista)
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Living in Midlothian, US
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Krista has been writing since she was nine-years-old when she scribbled out her first adolescent work entitled Merish, the completely illogical but heartfelt story of a girl who was part mermaid, part fish. As a young mother, Krista added to her repertoire some middle grade readers and picture books she’s wary of mentioning.

In 2004, Krista began an intensive four year period working part-time as a critical care nurse while homeschooling her four children. During this hectic time, courses of writing were taught and learned, and rules of syntax were scolded to memory. Ironically this period of study equipped Krista with the tools she needed to enter the next phase of her writing experience.
Now equipped with the mysteries of the comma, Krista was ready to tackle a much bigger project—a full fledged novel.

After the kids were enrolled in public school in 2009, it occurred to Krista that there is an insatiable audience of women and girls who want to read books filled with stories about true love. Convinced that there was an unfulfilled audience waiting for what Krista loves to write—romance, she sat down in the family’s dungeon, a.k.a. the basement, and began to furiously type. In no time, her first novel was drying on crisp white paper.

Krista currently resides in Midlothian, Virginia with her husband, four daughters, and an eccentric cat with an attachment to the family’s socks. She continues to write obsessively every chance she can get.
Favorite Books
The Girl With the Pearl Earring, Twilight, On Fortune's Wheel, Fallen, Harry Potter, All of Shannon Hales's books ect...
Writing, reading, painting, collecting seashells, movies, spending time with my family. I love the beach!
Hiking, shopping, reading, but most mostly writing.
Favorite Quotation
"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world" by William Ross Wallace
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ben sweetland
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"WE FIRST THINK IN TERMS of success before we manifest success," is the first motto I wrote after learning the influence of mind over matter.

Practically every chapter in this book is written to...
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I hope you enjoy this novella, The Cushion. I'm offering this for free just to whet your appetite for my works Any and all feedback comments, reviews and critiques are welcome!
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