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Lee Pletzers (Lee Pletzers)
3 books. Member since 12-11-2011
Living in Kobe, JP
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I rock. I write. I publish. I lift weights. What more is there to life?

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Even though I list myself as a horror writer, every story, book, whatever will cross genres and give you something a little different.

The Game: broken computer code links together to become a demon inside the game.

The Last Church: A time travelling slasher. The future is not a utopia.

The Armageddon Shadow: A tortured soul from 27BC enters our time carrying a virus passed to him in Hell. Resurrection Child: A Cthulhu and Revelations cross over. (Are you telling me that a dragon with 7 heads and 10 crowns and 10 horns doesn't belong in the Cthulhu Mythos?)
Favorite Books
Demogorgon, The Dark Half, The Husband, everything by Richard Laymon, The heart-shaped box, many more
e-books, Castle, Dr Who (old and new)
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Rage by Lee Pletzers in Other
Complete: $1.99

Play With Me

Play With Me by Lee Pletzers in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Complete: $3.99

The game

The game by Lee Pletzers in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Complete: $3.99

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