Water Taxi
About the author
Elizabeth Lawson

I was born and raised in Carlisle, just south of the border between England and Scotland. After local schooling, I attended the University of York where I studied English and History, gaining a ...
Water Taxi
Elizabeth Lawson
Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
Parental rating: 18+
published 1578 days ago
about 22981 words

A powerful motor boat speeds across calm moonlit waters in the dead of night heading from Canada into the United States. Hidden eyes of the Canadian Coast Guard are watching and alert partner authorities across the border who turn on radar tracking units. The boat owner checks in with US Customs and anchors in a cove off one of the many northwestern islands in the vicinity. In the morning local residents around the bay observe odd behavior of the boat’s passengers .
In the remote wilds of pristine Canadian waters four fishermen at a lodge are returning from a day’s successful outing. They are expecting some entertainment to arrive but find it is delayed and spend the next day exploring old First Nation territories and bear haunts. Refreshed by their interaction with nature they are ready for fun and games when the girls finally turn up. Next morning the girls are returned to Nanaimo by the same boat observed crossing the border two nights before.
Unbeknownst to the boat captain, alert citizens have drawn attention to the boat with a suggestion that it is being used to smuggle illegal immigrants across the border. Simultaneously, US police contact Canadian authorities about concerns of an emerging international prostitution ring. An undercover policewoman ends up providing the link between the two activities and finally the US Coast Guard decides to take action.
They try to involve US Customs in their investigation but get rebuffed, and are surprised and frustrated at the response. Taking things into their own hands they establish a trap for the suspect powerboat’s anticipated next border crossing run. With good anticipation and planning they intercept the boat and its occupants and carry out a standard ‘safety inspection’.
That’s when circumstances change, and the story takes an unexpected twist.

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 Silent Night 1955  
2 Disturbed Dawn 2492  
3 Fishing Games 1618  
4 Watery Scare 645  
5 Nature in The Raw 1793  
6 Test Drive 2004  
7 Another Ride 1398  
8 New Resources 387  
9 Repair & Service 1422  
10 Quick Round Trip 1045  
11 Visitors 511  
12 Stormy Playland 1515  
13 Information Sharing 1001  
14 Checking In 353  
15 Closing In 865  
16 No Fantasy 1969  
17 Tests Passed 1287  
18 Guarded Response 721  

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