The 13th Power Journey
About the author
Terry Wright

There’s nothing mundane in the writing world of Terry Wright. Tension, conflict and suspense propel his readers through the pages as if they were on fire. Published in Science Fiction and Supernatu...
The 13th Power Journey
Terry Wright published by TWB Press
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
published 1014 days ago
about 123124 words
ISBN: 9781936991105

Ray Crawford, having failed to achieve fame, has formulated a new plan: reprogram the Supercomputers, build a bigger gravity chamber, and degenerate NASA's prototype Inter Space Station Transporter into the 13th Power. He will discover that fame carries a terrible price.
In the second book of The 13th Power Trilogy, just when Janis Mackey is settled into a peaceful life with Tracy in his new house, the CIA comes calling on him to help them steal the 13th Power. Of course, he refuses, until Tracy is arrested for treason and hauled off to a military stockade until Janis delivers the goods.
And Lisa has a new problem: her mother. Kate returns from prison. She's looking for forgiveness from a daughter she'd abandoned and a husband she'd betrayed.
In this stunning sequel to The 13th Power Quest, humanity is at the mercy of technology, and a family's love for each other is put to a brutal test. You'd better have a tissue in hand at the end of this one.

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 Chapter One 3655 Free Sample!  
2 Chapter Two 1173 Free Sample!  
3 Chapter Three 1744 Free Sample!  
4 Chapter Four 1185 Free Sample!  
5 Chapter Five 939  
6 Chapter Six 1532  
7 Chapter Seven 2827  
8 Chapter Eight 375  
9 Chapter Nine 1878  
10 Chapter Ten 2468  
11 Chapter Eleven 2911  
12 Chapter Twelve 4246  
13 Chapter Thirteen 2255  
14 Chapter Fourteen 1633  
15 Chapter Fifteen 1433  
16 Chapter Sixteen 2641  
17 Chapter Seventeen 1525  
18 Chapter Eighteen 1716  
19 Chapter Nineteen 1456  
20 Chapter Twenty 877  
21 Chapter Twenty-One 1019  
22 Chapter Twenty-Two 750  
23 Chapter Twenty-Three 1130  
24 Chapter Twenty-Four 865  
25 Chapter Twenty-Five 1130  
26 Chapter Twenty-Six 3005  
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven 3561  
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight 2356  
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine 4025  
30 Chapter Thirty 1172  
31 Chapter Thirty-One 1860  
32 Chapter Thirty-Two 1942  
33 Chapter Thirty-Three 2368  
34 Chapter Thirty-Four 5168  
35 Chapter Thirty-Five 2587  
36 Chapter Thirty-Six 3123  
37 Chapter Thirty-Seven 4632  
38 Chapter Thirty-Eight 2772  
39 Chapter Thirty-Nine 4811  
40 Chapter Forty 2029  
41 Chapter Forty-One 2119  
42 Chapter Forty-Two 1439  
43 Chapter Forty-Three 750  
44 Chapter Forty-Four 1469  
45 Chapter Forty-Five 2236  
46 Chapter Forty-Six 1636  
47 Chapter Forty-Seven 4723  
48 Chapter Forty-Eight 2487  
49 Chapter Forty-Nine 1393  
50 Chapter Fifty 2853  
51 Chapter Fifty-One 1151  
52 Chapter Fifty-Two 1369  
53 Chapter Fifty-Three 2121  
54 Chapter Fifty-Four 1509  
55 Chapter Fifty-Five 3578  
56 Chapter Fifty-Six 3517  

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