Unknown SuperHero
About the author
Unknown SuperHero
Kennie Kayoz published by Coyotes Publishing
Comics & Graphic Novels
published 1491 days ago
about 670 words

A new aged comic book (or Comic Novel) written by Kennie Kayoz of Coyotes Publishing, this release is only a short release to see if people would be interested in reading it.

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 Unknown SuperHero 670  

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Lane Cohen
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Over the years, Lane has published numerous short stories. His most recent is Best’s Laid Plans, in which The Beatles original drummer, Pete Best, travels back in time to prevent being fired by The...
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When we last left our unknown super hero he was saving lives and doing random acts of kindness to complete strangers, there was no battling of super villains or doing any of the other typical super...