Just Drive
About the author
Anna Noel

I'm a fifteen year old girl who loves to write. As of now, I am just trying to get noticed, and if it comes to publishing, so be it. But I am still young, and have plenty of time to worry about thi...
Just Drive
Anna Noel
Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
published 1615 days ago
about 13578 words

Out of the borring working class life and onto the streets. Sydney MiQueen has gotten a wake-up call. After being imprisoned, she has found out that she has a sister. A twin sister at that. So why hadn't she ever heard about her before?
After breaking out of jail, Jerry MiQueen takes Sydney with her when she runs. But the relationship is far from friendly. Jerry thinks that Sydney left her, not wanting her just like her parents. This however, can't be further from the truth.
Sydney is now mixed in to Jerry's criminal ways. Drugs, grand theft auto, street racing, and even a bit of criminal romance. But can all this make her sister like her?
As tention builds, Sydney isn't sure what is right anymore. But one thing is for sure- she's not sure if she can handle it.
Or can she?

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 Prologue 1404 Free Sample!  
2 Chapter One- Driven by Family 788 Free Sample!  
3 Chapter Two- Driven By Insanity 1205 Free Sample!  
4 Chapter Three- Driven By Adrenaline 1001 Free Sample!  
5 Chapter Four- Driven By A Chevy 1058  
6 Chapter Five- Driven By Water 984  
7 Chapter Six- Driven By Motive 1529  
8 Chapter Seven- Driven By Coffee 2778  
9 Chapter Eight- Driven By Heartbeat 1476  
10 Chapter Nine- Driven By Apology 1355  

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