Cars, Kisses, and British C...
About the author
Anna Noel

I'm a fifteen year old girl who loves to write. As of now, I am just trying to get noticed, and if it comes to publishing, so be it. But I am still young, and have plenty of time to worry about thi...
Cars, Kisses, and British Cakes
Anna Noel
Young Adult
published 1615 days ago
about 29711 words

Saige Newlander's life is about to get interesting. Upon her first day of American school, Saige meets three boys. These boys, of all people, change her life. Forcing her into a world of streetracing, Saige begins to warm up to America. But when danger strikes, and new loves spark, a lot can be taken away. Follow Saige through the good times, as well as the bad, as she learns about Cars, kisses, and British Cakes

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 Chapter One 2381 Free Sample!  
2 Chapter Two 2456 Free Sample!  
3 Chapter Three 1609 Free Sample!  
4 Chapter Four 1308 Free Sample!  
5 Chapter Five 1773  
6 Chapter Six 1291  
7 Chapter Seven 1325  
8 Chapter Eight 1368  
9 Chapter Nine 1266  
10 Chapter Ten 592  
11 Chapter Eleven 245  
12 Chapter Twelve 1333  
13 Chapter Thirteen 574  
14 Chapter Fourteen 721  
15 Chapter Fifteen 667  
16 Chapter Sixteen 1095  
17 Chapter Seventeen 326  
18 Chapter Eighteen 1360  
19 Chapter Nineteen 191  
20 Chapter Twenty 329  
21 Chapter Twenty-One 518  
22 Chapter Twenty-Two 506  
23 Chapter Twenty-Three 932  
24 Chapter Twenty-Four 1302  
25 Chapter Twenty-Five 744  
26 Chapter Twenty-Six 692  
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven 911  
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight 1896  

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