Eagle's Claw Lake
About the author
Ross Richdale

After a teaching career, Ross Richdale now writes full time. He has completed over 39 contemporary and science fiction novels, most of which are on line as ebook. He lives in the small university c...
Eagle's Claw Lake
Ross Richdale
Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
published 1055 days ago
about 89031 words
ISBN: 9181877438219

Doctor Reid Tucker's intention to spend the summer at a remote cabin at Eagle's Claw Lake in northeast Washington State with only his dog, Cinders, never eventuates.

On the trip there, pilot Kate Meltz flies the amphibian to a commune at the other end of the lake. While waiting on board, Reid pulls a desperate and distressed teenage girl, Lorie Somerville, from the water. This begins a frightening chain of events as fanatical commune leader, Peter Littlejohn, tries to find Lorie and prevent her from leaving. Though Littlejohn doesn't find Lorie on the aircraft, he sabotages it so the trio are left stranded at Reid's cabin.

It soon becomes obvious that the place is more than just a remote religious commune. The girl is terrified of being caught and begs Reid to look for Jennifer and Sassy, two of her friends who have also escaped.

But why has Erika Somerville, Lorie's elder sister, returned to Eagle's Claw Lake and found savagely beaten in the commune's cabin cruiser?

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Chapters List
Chap. # Title # Words  
1 EAGLE'S CLAW LAKE 180 Free Sample!  
2 CHAPTER 1 4253 Free Sample!  
3 CHAPTER 2 4348 Free Sample!  
4 CHAPTER 3 3799 Free Sample!  
5 CHAPTER 4 3298  
6 CHAPTER 5 3464  
7 CHAPTER 6 3689  
8 CHAPTER 7 3432  
9 CHAPTER 8 3374  
10 CHAPTER 9 4217  
11 CHAPTER 10 3581  
12 CHAPTER 11 4088  
13 CHAPTER 12 3945  
14 CHAPTER 13 3903  
15 CHAPTER 14 3448  
16 CHAPTER 15 3463  
17 CHAPTER 16 1591  
18 CHAPTER 17 4609  
19 CHAPTER 18 3615  
20 CHAPTER 19 3651  
21 CHAPTER 20 3459  
22 CHAPTER 21 4259  
23 CHAPTER 22 4308  
24 CHAPTER 23 3184  
25 CHAPTER 24 3873  

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