Just One More
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James E. Cheatham

Jim Cheatham is the CEO of The Lionshare Group of South Florida, Inc.

Jim Cheatham has over 40 years experience in senior management in the planning and structuring of mid-level to emerging comp...
Just One More
James E. Cheatham published by Entry Way Publishing
published 1160 days ago
about 17145 words

A non-text book approach to preparing the entrepreneur for success. The experiences are taken from real life for the reader to compare to his or her own experiences. How to find your own passion! The author discusses situations and job changes throughout his own career that demonstrates the need for personal evaluation of the effects of actions and reactions in given situations. “Just One More – the non-text book approach to success for the entrepreneur” examines how a person acts or reacts to personal changes and goals instead of addressing the techniques and terms of how to do the many different disciplines of the job itself.

The author’s style of telling war stories and tales of behind-the-scene happenings in the business world help the reader to understand how to take lessons from many sources, experiences and people around him.

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